Monday, February 27, 2017

On gift wrapping

Charlie is the king of spotting "treasures." Sunglasses, flash lights, sports balls, Pokemon cards, toys, Playmobil figures, cards, money, etc. You name it, he can spot it lying in the grass, in a pile of leaves or amid a bunch of rocks. He was so on fire at an art festival this year that we had to ask him if he was rifling through people's bags. (He wasn't. At least not that time.)

This morning on our way to school, he spotted a green beaded Mardi Gras-style necklace under one of the playground benches. After waving it at a few of the teachers and some moms walking into school, we made our way home. As we walked, he told me his plans for the beads. In less than three blocks, he went from saving it from St. Patrick's Day to giving it to Buddy, to going to a friend's new dog, to keeping it, to giving it to a family friend who just lost their dog. There were specific wrapping and presentation plans associated with each recipient. 

As we approached the house, he said, "I am definitely going to give it to Mrs. Johnson when I see her today. Because she is sad that their dog is in heaven. I'm not even going to wrap it. I will just hide it behind my back, and I will be the wrapped gift. That will make her happy."   

Oh, Birdie. There are a lot of people that would take you as a wrapped present. Especially if they could use the bow as a muzzle. I say that with love. 

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