Monday, February 23, 2015

Yes, let's

On Saturday Chip had to do some in-services in Cape Girardeau, which meant that I was flying solo with the kids for the day. 

After breakfast, Mary Clare hunkered down with her American Girl doll, and was not heard from for three solid hours. I inquired about her health on a few occasions and received a smile when I bestowed upon her five doll-sized hair clips I happened upon, but she was clearly content to be in Doll Mode.

Charlie, on the other hand, just wanted to be in Mama Mode.

After hearing "Mama," "But, Mama," "Mama?" "Yes, but Mama?" and "Mama!" for three hours and having him trail me around the entire house, I finally opted for "Mama, where are you?" status and hid out in the office. But, like always, he found me. Quickly.

After rambling around the room and being quiet for a minute that felt like an hour, he quietly approached my chair.

"Mama!" he exclaimed. "I am a good person*. Let's talk."

And so we did.

*Please note, while I may have at one point asked Charlie, to please, please just be quiet for a second, I did not tell him he was a bad person. Or even annoying. (Even though hearing your name for three hours straight can be pretty darned annoying.)

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