Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I love him for his honesty

Valentine's Day morning, Chip and the kids surprised* me with breakfast in bed. As I propped myself up and put on my glasses, Mary Clare and Charlie scrambled onto the bed, excitedly telling me about the gourmet treats laid out before me. 

"See the waffles cut into heart shapes?" asked Mary Clare. "That was my idea." 

She continued on, "And daddy made the scrambled eggs, and he made your coffee. He also made the waffles."

Chip added, "It was Mary Clare's idea to fill in that little space on the plate with those chocolate heart-shaped cookies." 

As I oohed and ahhed, Charlie stood, waved his arms and said, "And I ... I did nothing." 

And to say he was proud of it would be an understatement. 

*Please note that Chip, two excited kids, one hopeful dog and our incredibly loud stairs make it virtually impossible to stage a surprise of any sort.  

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  1. The thrill of doing nothing. Charlie's my kind of person.


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