Thursday, January 29, 2015

It goes both ways

Taking a cue from a certain sister who has embraced her role as teacher, Charlie is more than happy to take on the teacher role when it comes to helping  Mary Clare learn her sight words. The fact that he cannot read is a minor detail.

Last night before bed Mary Clare, Chip and Charlie were doing flash cards. Chip would hold up the card, and then pass it to Charlie once Mary Clare read the word. If Mary Clare got the word correct, Charlie would put it on the big pile. If she did not get it right, it went off to the side for additional review.

Charlie was pretty quick to pick up on his sister's cues. The second she would hesitate on a word or emit the dreaded, "Uhhh ..." Charlie would say, "Wrong!" snap the card out of Chip's hand and put it on the "additional review required" pile.

As you can imagine, Mary Clare was not amused. But Chip was. And that's what teaching  your children to read is all about.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

R is for 'riting

Charlie is working on learning to write his first name. His teacher alerted us a week or so ago that for the first time, he showed some real interest in tracing the dots and forming the letters for "Charlie" in all caps, so we have been working on it at home as well. 

Mary Clare has embraced this new task, and will carefully set up the dots and then coach Charlie as he traces the letters. It's really quite cute how patient and encouraging she is with him. 

Last night Chip and Mary Clare were helping Charlie write his name on the chalkboard. When they got to the "R," Charlie exclaimed, "Oh, I like this letter. This is the fun one!"

It sure is, buddy.