Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Orphans always

Remember when I mentioned that when Mary Clare and Charlie really get into imaginative play, they are, more often than not, orphans? Well, the untimely deaths of their parents used to be limited to the times when they played "Michigan" or "camping." 

"Used to" are the two key words here.

Last night they were playing soccer with a balloon in the kitchen while I made dinner. Mary Clare had set it up that the area rug was the field, she indicated the location of the goals and said that she and Charlie were opponents. 

Charlie then added his two cents: "Yeah! And you are the sister, and I am the brother. And our parents are deeead*." 

Really? Really? So now we have to be dead when they play soccer as well?

Thanks, Disney. Thanks a lot. And I'm specifically looking at you, Frozen

*While I don't take too kindly to being killed off—again—I do wish you could hear Charlie's delivery of "dead." It is drawn out and very dramatic. But yet he never weeps for us.

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