Thursday, November 6, 2014

I got you, babe

As I mentioned in this post, for the most part Chip ferries Charlie to and from school. As I recently learned when Chip was out of town, these 20-minute trips are not moments of quiet reflection. No, they are opportunities for Charlie to talk. About everything. What he sees on billboards. Large trucks. The length of time until we see the Arch. What happened at school. Racing cars. His favorite superhero. What we are doing that night. What we are doing the next night. What we are doing the night after that. 

Are you picking up what I'm throwing down here? The boy does not quit talking.

He must have taken a cue from his sister's recent interest in our marriage, because one day Charlie started telling Chip about how when he was bigger, he would get married. To me. 


Anyway, I found out all of this because the night of the conversation, Charlie bounced into the kitchen and greeted me with a cheeky, "Hi, babe." 

To his credit, he stopped short of smacking me on the bum. 

Chip provided the back story, which is that after making his marital intentions known, Charlie then went on to say, "And when I am big and marry mommy, I will call her Debbie. And Deb. And babe." 

Because, hey, if you're marrying your mom, why wouldn't you call her babe?

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  1. Look at you, blogging up a storm! This is the highest compliment. Let's just hope he doesn't get some chippy named Debbie in his class that muddies the marital waters.


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