Tuesday, October 21, 2014

These two, part two

Remember when I talked about all of the sweet, hilarious and yes, sometimes tender, moments between these two? That was so last month. Now it's like they spend their time trying to figure out the best way to irritate one another. They taunt, tattle and even make up fibs trying to get each other in trouble. The good news is that like their mother, they are terrible liars. They also tend to tell on themselves more often than not. 

I do know that they are having their moments of getting along and playing well, but really, right now it's the whining and the ridiculous fights that seem to stick out the most. 

So on Sunday when we went to the park for lunch, I considered our outing a success because they made it through the entire (read: 10-minute) lunch without fighting over their shared lemonade. 

The expectations, they are low this week. And the kids, they are ridiculous. But cute. So we'll keep them. 

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