Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September favorites

Shh ... let's ignore the fact that I am fudging the post date on this by more than a week and focus on these photos of the kids. And I was off to such a strong start two weeks ago, right?

 [keep the streets safe]

[every Saturday she socializes plays soccer]

[one of those sweet moments I mentioned, minus the dead parents and orphaned children]

[that backpack means business]

[typically, this is the only time he isn't talking—except when he is]

[even Charlie is in disbelief of that business to his left]

[we dress are sporty]
 [it took us 20 minutes to make it two blocks]

 [half-day fun at the zoo]

[then there was the time Papa Thole showed up at the house with a piano]

[sheep, sheep, fun, fun at MoBot]
So, September definitely had its highlights. In pulling the pictures, I was struck by how many are school-focused now that Mary Clare is at Holy Redeemer five days a week. It feels like our special excursions have come to a screeching halt. It doesn't help matters that Charlie seemingly loves to run errands, and is the most pleasant (if talkative) copilot. Oh, well. As you can see by the dress-up photo, we still manage to make our own fun.

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