Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One of the guys

Now that the weather is cooler, I can walk reasonably well again and the first freeze is looming, we are back to Mission: Reclaim Yard. And by we, I mean Chip. After killing off the ivy (a mere four rounds of Round-Up required), Chip started the painstaking process of pulling out the ivy, which is done by hand, on his hands and knees. In addition to the ivy, he has also discovered countless treasures, tree stumps, massive rocks and the like. It is not easy work, especially when it is done after a full day of doing the work that provides, you know, money.

Chip is, however, fortunate to have the assistance of his doting son. If Chip is working in the yard, you can rest assured that Charlie is there by his side, sporting his work gloves and hauling various tools about the yard. And when Chip can get a word in edgewise, he has found Charlie to even be somewhat helpful. Not too shabby for a three-year-old with selective listening skills and a lack of focus. 

Yesterday I coerced my dad into joining in the fun. (Only because I love him and worry about him getting bored in retirement, of course.) Anyway, after Charlie and I returned from my physical therapy appointment, Charlie donned his gloves, put on his work shoes (mud-caked tennis shoes) and joined them in the yard. They were pulling out tree stumps and fence posts, so whenever my dad would get into the truck, Charlie would join him to help drive. (This was genius thinking on my dad's part—not only did Charlie love it, it ensured my dad knew exactly where he was when the truck was running.) Sure, my dad ended up with muddy shoe prints all over his truck interior and he is probably deaf in one ear from the screams of delight and squeals of laughter, but that is the price you pay for free help.

All of this guy bonding must have really gone to Charlie's head, however, because on two different occasions that afternoon, we overheard him saying that he was "... helping Papa and Chip work." Apparently they're peers now. A few days of yard work made a man out of him. 

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  1. Charlie, this is a bad idea. I have seen how hard your father works your poor, injured mother. Retreat now or he will have you operating the tiller by the time you are 4....which you will probably love.


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