Thursday, September 25, 2014

No Band-Aid, no problem

Yesterday evening when Chip and Charlie came in from work and school, I was upstairs getting changed. Charlie came trucking up the stairs, and as he launched himself at me, I realized he was wearing the back-up outfit we keep in his school cubby. I was kind of shocked, because while he initially resisted potty training, once it clicked, he was trained and staying dry through the night in what seemed like less than a week's time.

"Oh, buddy," I said. "Did you have an accident?"

He gave me an incredulous look.

"I no have an accident!"

"But you're wearing different clothes than you had on this morning. What happened?"

"I went pee pee all over my clothes and socks!" he proudly declared.

And then, in case there was any confusion, he added, "But I no have an accident."

File that one away for future reference, friends. Accidents in Charlie's world involve Band-Aids and bumps, not peeing all over yourself.

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