Tuesday, June 3, 2014

She's on fire

Mary Clare was very Mary Clare today.

It started, as most home days do, with her at the desk creating some masterpiece. After drawing a monkey, she came in with the above photo and said, "Mom and dad, look at this."

We quickly deciphered that it said, "I love my family." She had done it all on her own, and told us that she just sounded it out and wrote down the letters. I think at the end she was just adding some letters for flair, but nevertheless, I was very impressed.

And then she told us, "And those lines behind the heart are from when Connor shoots it at you!"

Come again? Connor?

Luckily, I am fluent in toddler and five-year-old, and I realized she was talking about Cupid. "I forget his name sometimes," she said.

It got funnier as the day progressed.

At lunch time, she looked at me and said, "Are we taking naps today?" When I answered in the affirmative, she let out a heavy sigh and said, "Good, because I am so exhausting."

Sister, you don't know the half of it. 

And then, just a few minutes ago, she hit me with another one that made me decide I had to jot this all down before I forgot. The kids asked to play on the third floor, so I went up with them to turn on the lights and make sure the iron was off from last week. (Kidding, Chip!) I had barely made it up the stairs when Mary Clare said, "Mom! Sometime you really need to vacuum this rug up here. I mean, look at this mess. Just look at it! All these little things on it! It's very messy."

This was of course accompanied by hands on hips and a lot of wild gestures. All on her part, I swear.Luckily Charlie saved her me by grabbing the toy vacuum and proclaiming that he would take care of it.

That girl. She is something alright.

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