Saturday, May 31, 2014

May favorites

I just did this, didn't I? May was big for us. Mary Clare wrapped up Pre-Kindergarten, we (and my parents) worked like crazy people in the yard, we hit a few graduation parties, we took the train to Kansas City. Nothing but fun for these kids.

[we landscaped]

[we were "highly illegal" at the park]

[Mary Clare created pirate couture during naptime]

[we landscaped the kids' house]

[we went to a church picnic and managed to come home without a fish]

 [Mary Clare nailed it]

[Charlie's teachers nailed it with this photo]

[Charlie nailed me with a potty training fail during Mother's Day mass]

[last day of school]

[all business at our celebratory lunch]

[one and done on their first fishing adventure of the season]

[I took the kids in for a makeover]

[admiring the peonies that the previous owners planted]
 [celebrating Annie's birthday and the start of summer with unlimited snow cones]

[we kicked off clothing optional lunches]

[adult pub crawl fun]

[water wars with dad]

[cava sangria with the canine]

[all aboard for Kansas City]

 [a three cousin salute, with one objector]

[she will haunt your dreams]

Judging by the multitude of photos on my phone and a decided uptick in cocktail shots, I think it's safe to say that summer is here!


  1. Seriously fun month for Team Botanical - great pics! House looks awesome. Love MC's answers on your Mother's Day gift. And I am so excited to be featured in a post. :)

  2. I am exhausted just looking at your May photos. Hopefully June is just pool and cocktail pics.


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