Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring break for everyone (except my parents)

Last week both the Jones kids and Mary Clare's school were on spring break, so my parents kindly offered to take Brennan and Alexandra for the full week, and Mary Clare and Charlie for a portion of the week. Saints. They are saints.

The kids had a ball. Brennan and Alexandra went to my uncle's farm, visited Nana's school and playground and did some baking, and then on Wednesday they headed across the river and Mary Clare joined them for some science center and park action. The whole group then picked up Charlie at school after his nap time. Charlie was thrilled to introduce his Nana and cousin to everyone in his class, and Alexandra was completely aghast to find that Charlie is not responsible for putting away his own cot after nap time. (As my sister said, "What kind of shim sham place do you send Charlie, anyway? No wonder you don't have control of that kid.")

They spent the next few days zipping around the yard on their ATVs and running amok. The first day as they headed outside, my dad told my mom, "Keep the ice maker running." Sadly, not for cocktails, but rather for ice packs. Mary Clare, Charlie and Alexandra go through them like gangbusters.

In between the melting ice packs and subsequent meltdowns, they also worked in a visit to Papa's fire station, another stop at the rectory of my parents' church (where Charlie was kind enough to shake his booty for the adoring, if not appalled, masses), and took in the new Muppets movie. Suffice it to say, they were busy.

I picked up our kiddos on Friday afternoon following the movie, and let's just say that after going non stop for a few days and not taking the most regular naps, they were super fun at dinner that night. If they didn't look like they were ready to pass out at the table, they were sobbing into their fish. That's what my parents like to call a successful visit.

Chip and I took advantage of the free evenings to wrap up some more projects around the house (painting, yard work, more painting, more yard work) in anticipation of the Great Play Set Build of 2014. More on that later.

Long story short, it was a great week for everyone all around — just not such a restful one for my parents. But my mom did take to Facebook to say how nice it was to have all four of her grandchildren at their house for a week, so I have it in writing. Just don't call them after 8 p.m. this week, because they will probably already be asleep.  Heaven knows they could use a break.  

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  1. "Shim sham"? Which Grandma used that phrase???


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