Thursday, March 27, 2014


After all of the stories I have been telling about Charlie lately, I know you are all going to find it really hard to believe that this guy is not yet potty trained.

Yeah, this guy. The one in the cape.

But seriously, the boy is not even close. Oh, sure, he will tinkle any time you put him on the potty and he has even dropped the deuce a time or two, but we're nowhere near starting real deal potty training. I had this gut feeling that he just wasn't ready, that he just didn't get it, and it was confirmed a few weeks ago when I decided to put him on the potty every hour and even let him go commando for a bit. He was a real sport about it and didn't complain once, but about 15 minutes after a successful sitting, I picked him up to find that his pants were soaked. 

"Charlie," I said, "Did you go pee pee in your pants?"

"No," he said. "I go pee pee in the potty."

"But your pants are wet." I stated.

"No they not," he firmly responded.

And we went back and forth for a bit before I realized that he not only had no idea that his pants were wet, but he did not realize he had gone potty. Oh, and I also realized how futile it is to argue with a toddler. But that's a lesson I can never seem to learn. 

That same week, I picked Charlie up from school one night and asked wise Miss Darlene what she thought. She confirmed that he just didn't get it yet, but not to worry, because these things can sometimes happen in a matter of days. I took great delight and comfort in it when, to illustrate her point, she jerked her thumb over her shoulder at another tot and said, "This guy really surprised us. Came in one Monday and he was potty trained. You could have knocked Miss Jackie and I over with a feather."

It was good to have someone second my gut instinct. Like a rubber stamp for my laziness. And I also liked hearing that there are other hopeless cases in Charlie's class. It's good to keep expectations low.

Fast forward to this past week, and Charlie did the deed not only at home one night, but at school the next day. It was, you might say, A REALLY BIG DEAL. 

And then that was it. No mas. 

But it's fine. Because, like everything else with Charlie, there is no point in pushing matters, especially when he will just play the cute card and win anyway. 

Case in point, the conversation he had with my mom this weekend after I changed his dirty diaper. 

"Charlie," she asked, "where are you supposed to put poopy?" 

"In the potty!" he responded. 

"Well," she said, "Do you put your poopy in the potty?" 

"Always," he said. "Always."

And then he flashed her his signature smile. 

My mom threw her hands up and laughed. I laughed. And felt strangely satisfied that I am not the only one to get suckered in by his hijinks. 


He's good, that one.


  1. Ugh potty training. Took Ryan 2 days. Took Reese 11 months. Longest year of my life:)

  2. It was well after Reese's 3rd birthday before SHE decided she was willing to try this potty training thing. I've long since accepted the fact that I have no control over when she decides to do things. Lazy parenting or survival? :)


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