Monday, February 3, 2014


Yesterday during breakfast, Mary Clare informed me that she is retired. After reminding her that she has not yet had a job, and therefore cannot retire, she paused and then asked me, "Is tomorrow a home day?" I nodded. "So, I'm not going to school. Which means I'm retired. See, mom, that's what retired means for kids. It means it's a home day instead of a school day."

After stifling my laughter, I told her that that sounded completely reasonable.

She nodded thoughtfully and then said, "So, tomorrow, Charlie and I will both be retired. Just like Papa. And Gramps. And Gram. But not Nana. Nana still works. She's not retired like the rest of us."

Poor Nana. And poor me, living with two midget retirees.

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  1. Do you remember about a month after Papa retired and B told me that he wanted to retire from school? Obviously that retirement looks like a pretty sweet deal.


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