Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Demands of love

Now, this is what I mean when I say that Charlie can be disarmingly sweet. And that he has an uncanny knack for knowing exactly when he needs to turn on the charm. 

Yesterday after Charlie woke up from his nap, he asked me to cuddle. So we went downstairs to sit in the sun and cuddle. I tried an armchair first, but he quickly requested demanded the couch. So, yeah, Operation: Regain Control is not fully operational quite yet.   

Anyway, after a good cuddle session, he decamped from my lap and went to find a helicopter. Thinking he was otherwise occupied, I went into the kitchen to start on dinner. A minute later, he appeared at the doorway. "Mama! Come here. Come sit with me. Come. Pwease." So, I followed him into the living room and received the rest of my orders:

"You sit here. On the couch. In the middle. There." 

And as he clambered up onto the couch and onto my lap, helicopters in hand he said, "There, mama. There. Now you watch me play with my helicopters." 

So I did. And I stayed, even after he abandoned me for the comfort of a pillow. 

He may be a tyrant, but I have to give him some credit for making me realize that dinner prep will always be on my to do list, but cuddling and watching him contentedly play with him by my side are two things that won't last forever. 

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