Thursday, February 20, 2014

But he can be so sweet

This guy. This guy can be a real stinker these days. He's stubborn, he's loud and he's determined. So, so very determined. And did I mention stubborn? And loud? As in deafening. But darn it if he cannot be the sweetest thing you ever did meet. 

When I go into his room each morning, he asks me, "Sunny day? Sunny day outside?" And then we—and I most definitely mean we, as opening the blinds is a joint effort as far as Charlie is concerned—open each shade to see if the sun is out or not. He is the first to offer an emphatic "Bless you!" when someone sneezes or coughs, and oh, those hugs. Those tight, tight hugs, the European-style double kisses and the way he will place both hands on my cheeks so he can maneuver my head before going in for a full-on kiss are all things that are seared onto my brain and will be treasured long after Charlie has grown and moved out of our home.

The other day I had to wake Charlie from his nap, and, well, that is always a tricky situation. So I opened the door and let him wake up on his own. I soon heard, "Mama! Mama! Come here. Come HERE!" When I entered the room, he started stammering, "I need, I need, I need, I need ..." and then finally he said, "I need a cuddle." 

I mean, COME ON! Now you know why he is such a hellion. My mom always says that he has us well trained, and she is 100 percent right. I couldn't discipline that kind of sweetness if my life depended on it. So the fights will no doubt wage on as long as the kisses keep coming. 

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  1. I think we have established none of us are A+ disciplinarians. It's the kids' fault for being so cute.


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