Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nar what?

I was sitting at the office desk, when suddenly Mary Clare appeared at my elbow.

"Mom, let's look for narwhals on your computer."

Thankfully, Mary Clare's teacher gave us a head's up that last week was the letter N and the animal they studied was the narwhal. Because otherwise yeah, between never hearing of a narwhal and Mary Clare's completely lovable tendency to mispronounce words, I would have been at a complete loss.

So I did a Google image search for narwhals, and we looked at pictures of narwhal while she told me about them.

"Now, let's see some where they move."

"You mean a video?"

"Yeah, that."

So we watched a National Geographic Kids video about narwhals. With each fact the narrator stated, Mary Clare responded with a "I knew that," "Mrs. Porterfield said ..." or "Did you know that, mom?"

I did not. I didn't even know how to spell narwhal until Google was nice enough to correct the spelling for me in my search.

You learn the darnedest things from these kids. And I dare say, those five minutes with her on my lap, telling me all about narwhals, may have very well been the highlight of my day.

And then, while I typed this up while it was still fresh in my mind, she went ahead and drew me my very own picture of a narwhal.

I really love that girl sometimes.  


  1. Leaving the page and heading over to Google and find out what the heck a Narwhal is. Everyday is a school day..

    1. Well look at that-"The narwhal is the unicorn of the sea". And I just thought it was a fictional animal created for Christmas movies! Buddy the elf tells a narwhal good bye as he leaves the north pole and I think there is one in either Frosty or Rudolph. Thanks for the science lesson today TB.

    2. "Unicorn of the sea" ... I love it. No wonder she was so taken with it.

  2. Well how about that. When you texted the pic of her Narwhal, I thought that was just MC's cute mispronounciation of Warhol and the picture was her "Warhol".


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