Monday, January 27, 2014

Monkey see, monkey do

Today we had a one-day break from temperatures in the teens, so we did like every other St. Louisan with kids and hit the car wash, followed by the park. After naps it was still quite nice out, and so back outside we went. The kids started off with chalk, followed by some soccer and scooters. We (hopefully) wore Buddy out as well. Dogs get cabin fever too, you know.

I took advantage of the natural light, busted out the big camera and snapped a few pictures of the kids in their chalk-covered glory. Also, is there anything cuter than a dad playing with his kids? I think not. Moms never look this cute.


Hoping to get a cute posed one of the kids, I asked them to sit next together on one of the landscaping walls. They did, but of course no one was smiling and no one was looking at the camera at the same time. There were pavers to color, people. Priorities.

So then Chip started shouting out requests like, "Show me sad! Show me silly! Show me mad! Show me surprised! Show me crazy clown!" and this is what we got. The only thing is that poor Charlie didn't really know what any of those thing were other than sad—he nailed sad, but sadly I did not nail the shot—so he had to look to Mary Clare first for inspiration.

I did get the obligatory "love" shot, complete with sidewalk chalk. They then followed that up with some booty shaking that was so um, inspired, that everything was blurry.

They were so muddy and dusty that I took their clothes off in the basement and threw it in the washing machine, and then Chip put them straight into the bathtub. We wrapped up the day with an inaugural Little Mermaid viewing paired with a fine, healthy dinner of frozen pizzas and toasted raviolis. Red Baron and Louisa are the secret loves of my freezer.

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