Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's never too hot for tomato soup

Mary Clare loves herself some tomato soup. Specifically, she likes the recipe in this cookbook, which also happens to be the best slow cooker cookbook, like, ever. 

As we were driving to school yesterday, she looked at her thermos and said, "Hey, I still haven't used the hot food cup that matches this." She has, mind you, been in school for two whole weeks. And she goes three days per week. Seriously, what is the hold up?

So I said that I was sure we could come up with something to put in it when she takes lunch on Thursday. Thinking that she might not be game for soup on a hot September day, I suggested macaroni and cheese. No. Spaghetti and meatballs? Again, no. 

"How about tomato soup?" she asked. "I would like some of that tomato soup you make."

And then she nodded thoughtfully and added, "Yes. Tomato soup would be nice." 

Clearly, she is 80. And clearly, you can bet your britches that I will be making her tomato soup to take for lunch on Thursday. Nothing would make me happier.


  1. I agree MC - every day is good for soup!

  2. That is really sweet. Thermoses (thermi?) kind of gross me out though. I don't trust them.

  3. I was reading the reviews of that cookbook and most people love it but others complain about all the extra prep. Is there a lot of extra work when making the recipes or is it not too bad?

    1. I really like it. As they say in the forward, there are definitely extra steps, but the results are worth it. And with each recipe, they explain what worked in testing, what didn't and why they went with the final version. There are a few recipes where at the end I decided it would have been just as easy to make something in the oven (the spinach and mushroom lasagna), but they always taste great. I have tried about 12 recipes, with only one being a never again. Many others are in regular rotation. I have given this to several friends, and they seem to like it as well.

    2. cool, thanks!


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