Sunday, July 7, 2013

We vacationed

We spent last week in beautiful Saugatuck, Michigan. We did nothing. It was awesome.

And when I say we did nothing, I mean it. We lazed around, watched sunsets, took leisurely strolls, ate food we normally don't eat at home, made s'mores, took naps, read books, watched movies and of course, logged countless hours on the beach.

I didn't care what I wore or the kids wore. I didn't put on make up and barely did my hair. I didn't take out my big camera once. Now I regret it a little bit, but at the time, it just seemed like it would be an ordeal and get in the way of the low key thing we had going.

The only time the kids complained was when we made them take a shower after beach time. Because having sand in every nook and cranny of your being is apparently preferable to five minutes of soap and shampoo. So, yes. The kids had to take seven whole showers while we were there. Maybe eight. Because we're cruel, I tell you. Cruel.

Anyway, what you see is what you get in the photo department. And the photos don't lie. It was just that leisurely and lovely. And just what we needed.

(And what my parents needed as well.)

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