Monday, July 15, 2013

The muscle

Yesterday Chip took the kids to the playground while I did the grocery shopping. When I dropped them off, Mary Clare was elated to see that there were other kids ("friends," in preschool speak) already at the park.

Chip said she wasted no time making her presence known. She ran up to one little girl and announced, "I'm Mary Clare Thole Lindh, and this is my brother Charlie Lindh. You have to watch out for him. He's little. So be careful."

Luckily, she did not elaborate on what would happen to those who don't watch out for her brother. Some things are just best left unsaid.


  1. What? His name is George Charles Lindh the fourth and all he gets is "Charlie Lindh?" No offense, but that's kind of weak compared to Mary Clare Thole Lindh, and way less intimidating.

    1. I am not sure that Mary Clare even knows that Charlie's real name is George. However, now that he is in the two-year-old classroom, they work on names, so I'm sure Charlie will be calling himself George in no time. Let the confusion begin.

    2. I can see MC's head exploding when someone tells her his "real" name is George. There's a stranger among us!


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