Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July favorites

While the July posting was light, at best, I did hit it hard with the old iPhone photos. My July faves follow.

[keeping company]

 [family on the fourth]

[parade pro]


[booze with Buddy]

[racing faces]

 [celebrating a 36th birthday with Charlie, Chip, Mary Clare & Chip's baby pic]

[cool when it's hot]

[no sense in letting all that mint go to waste]

[patient as ever]


 [there's zucchini in that there cake]

Looking back at a month's worth of photos is really quite nice. I forget how much these nuts make me laugh on a daily basis.


  1. Ah, gotta love seeing how big the old bump has gotten in the last 5 weeks!

    1. I was confused/mildly offended until I went back and realized that a fraction of your midsection does appear in one of the photos. Shoot. I should have called it out with an arrow and a BOOM.


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