Sunday, June 30, 2013

June favorites

June, June, June. What a nice month you were. You were so nice, in fact, that I was light on the phone photos, which seem to be the only kind of photos I take of late. I'll take the lack of documented fun as a good sign.

 [banging away at the botanical garden]

[country road walking, with feeling]

[ready for the return of Wet Wednesdays at school]

[smile if your friends invited you to their country club]

[look apprehensive if the water was really cold]

[proud smile, pageant wave]
[sliding high above Highland's main street]
[second birthdays aren't too bad]

[made with love by Nana, Aunt Sherri and good old mom]

[baked by nana, decorated by Aunt Sherri]

[celebrating dad]

[cousins throwing caution to the wind]

[smiling on the sidelines]

More June photos to come in a separate post.

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