Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Alex on songs, shoes and sweets

While we're talking shoes, I've been hanging on to this little nugget of funniness for close to a week now:

Sherri also told me that if a song comes on the radio that Alexandra doesn't like, she demands that Sherri change the channel. So Sherri scans through the stations until Alexandra deems something worthy of her golden ears. Dang, I love this girl.

Speaking of whom, Alexandra and Brennan are spending this week at my parents' house (aka our house), so I have had the chance to experience the spirit of Alexandra firsthand. Now, you know I love me some A. And she loves her Aunt Dobby. But after spending a few solid days together, I can see that girlfriend has some strong opinions. And she is not easily swayed. Except by food.

The other day Alexandra started missing Sherri, and after a few minutes of crying for her mommy and a refusal to be soothed by any words or gestures, Nana picked a pretzel stick out of a bowl of Chex mix and offered it to her. Boom. Tears dried. A second pretzel, you say? Definitely. Now, what's this talk of a mommy? I have no mommy. Let's go outside and play.

Of course I was delighted by a pretzel being a substitute for my sister, so I made short work of relaying this tidbit to my sister. Her response? "Oh, yeah. Not surprised. You might want to get some mini marshmallows, too. Those are magic."

Oh, they're on the grocery list. I don't want a shoe chucked at my head.

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