Thursday, May 9, 2013

Car communiques

The Highland-to-St. Louis commute has its benefits. (It also has its negatives, but we're being positive here, people.)

So, one benefit is that I get lots of quality conversation time with kids. Charlie mostly wants to yell BALL! TRUCK! CAR! at me on repeat, but Mary Clare is usually game for an actual conversation. And when we're not chatting, I am listening. Her burgeoning imagination combined with her ability to mispronounce and even butcher words (please, please never change) makes for some pretty entertaining car rides.

Last night I hit the jackpot.

As I started navigating our way to the interstate, Mary Clare started telling me about the last time she and Ben played together they lost a crispy. The traffic around the hospital stretch of Kingshighway is a nightmare, so I was only half  paying attention. It wasn't until she kept going on and on about this crispy and how it went down the sewer so they couldn't get it, and Ben said the crispy would go into the sea, that I stopped to ask, "Mary Clare, what were you and Ben playing with again?" "A crispy," came the automatic response. "A crispy?" I said. "Like crunchy food?" Exasperated sigh. "No, a cris-PEE. You know, that you throw and catch."

So, for those of you that didn't read the above paragraph, Ben and Mary Clare were playing with a frisbee, it went down the sewer drain and Ben comforted Mary Clare by letting her know that it would be spending its remaining days in the sea.

A short while later, I heard her singing, so I turned down the radio.

"Ladies and gelatin! Boys and girls! Gather around. It's time for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!" She then went on to highlight the featured guests, Donald, Goofy and Mickey, and what they would be doing today.

I wanted to make sure I heard her correctly, so I asked her to do the intro for me again.

"Ladies and gelatin! Boys and girls!" she bellowed, clearly pleased that she had caught my attention.

Oh, she did alright. My attention and the attention of all the gelatin reading this blog.


  1. Adorable. I can't wait for this. Annie now says "kiss" as "piss". Piss it. Piss you. No pisses. And then there's the pimping lessons (swimming). The English language is quite confusing.

  2. Charlie says "BEESH!" for Goldfish. Or that's what I hope he's saying. He can get pretty rude when his demands are not met.


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