Friday, May 31, 2013

May favorites

Yes, yes. I have been absent. And it is June, but I'm dating this as May. Will you please forgive a homeless mother who seemingly spends her spare time scouring the MLS and Zillow for the lack of posts? Thank you.

Without further ado, my favorite Instagrams from May. For all of my comments about being homeless, life in Highland is good. More on that later.

[adoring smiles for his sister]

[love the straight-from-the-garden goodies]
[same goes for the beer selection at Tru-Buy, the grocery store of choice]

[keeping it real on Mother's Day]

[frosted mini wheat storage by Charlie]

[rolling Highland style]

[letting Nana know the cushion needs to be as long as she is tall]

[the Fleming water table made its seasonal debut]

[weekly stop]

[back on the books]

[first visit to the ice cream shop, first peace sign ... seriously]

[line drying every chance I get]

[the lioness went on a school zoo trip with dad]

As you can see, we are reaping the benefits of country living. I'm not going to lie, my parents' house (and massive yard) is a pretty swell place to spend the summer.

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