Thursday, April 11, 2013

Storm warnings

Apparently spring weather warnings are a hot topic among the preschool set. Last night at dinner, Mary Clare informed us that it was going to storm—weally bad— and we needed to be careful.

She went on a bit about storms, thunder and lightening, and then changed the subject.

A bit later she announced, "Today there was a tomato at school." Since we had been talking about what she had for lunch (the girl can never remember), we didn't think too much of it. Until she got really insistent about the tomato. And how when there is a tomato at school you have to go in the closet.

"Ooooh," we said in unison. "A tornado."

"Yes," she said, clearly relieved that her parents were aware of this phenomenon that requires extra precaution. "A tormato."

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  1. Seriously - MC, Brennan & Papa Jones would make quite a group. B & Papa could introduce MC to the Weather Channel and you could take this all up another notch.


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