Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mommy muscles

Mary Clare is really good about getting herself dressed in the morning. Even though it sometimes takes some prodding, it is a skill I greatly appreciate. And while it will no doubt cause us great worry if it continues into her teens, I dare say that the girl has a talent for disrobing with flair. 

She wears fleece footed pajamas most of the winter, and those are easy enough for her to remove. It is the two piece sets that cause some problems, particularly if the tops are a little snug. This morning she was wearing one of the two piece sets, and as this particular turquoise, fuchsia and purple Dora number is rather fitted, I offered to help her get the top over her head. 

With my help, she shimmied out both arms, and as I stretched the neck to lift it over her head, she proclaimed, "Mommy, you are really strong!"

"I know!" I said, with an unreasonable amount of pride in my voice. And then, so as not to seem too arrogant, I told her that one day she will be just as strong as me, maybe even stronger. 

That's right, baby. Beef up those spaghetti arms of yours and one day you, too, will remove toddler pajama tops, wine corks and spaghetti jar lids with the best of them. 


  1. Dora Pj's ???????


  2. They were a gift. And they are obviously her favorites. Sigh.


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