Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter pretties

Don't you just love them?

The outfits, I mean? 

We've already established that the kids are beyond loveable, so I composed this post as a vehicle for lavishing praise upon Nana Thole and her mad sewing skills. The woman just keeps getting better and better. Which means my requests keep getting more and more outlandish and plentiful. Sorry, mom. But just look at those cute faces! They cannot be denied custom-made frocks.

 [waiting for Charlie to get settled]

[the sun is just too much]

  [as is Mary Clare's flair for the dramatic]

 [but this is cute]

[and this is even cuter]

More Easter photos to follow. Cross my heart. It was so nice out on Sunday and the kids were so hilarious that I took a boatload of photos. Now, we all know that taking photos is one thing and editing them is quite another, but I'll try. I'll really, really try.


  1. I really love the spring green outfits. Gorgeous.

    1. My mom outdid herself this year. Mary Clare was enamored with her "twirly" dress. She was not happy about having to wear the sweater, as it cut down on the twirl factor.

  2. Could your kids get any cuter? And your mom has seriously outdone herself this time. Love their outfits, love their expressions, love them!!


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