Friday, April 12, 2013

Cheese, with feeling

This photo makes me laugh.

This photo also makes me cringe. It was taken right before I got the crazy idea that, in an attempt to keep the kids' interest, I would take a picture of them standing on the bench. They thought it was so cool. Standing on furniture! Hooray! Three cheers for Aunt Debbie! But then the bench tipped over and they all landed on their bums. And now Charlie won't sit on the bench. Even on my lap. In fact, at one point the following day he pointed at it and started crying. So, there's that.

But, hey, at least we have this picture. And yes, I know that each kid, save for Mary Clare and her super cheese smile, is looking in a different direction, but they're together. And not crying. Yet. So let's just focus on that.

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