Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April favorites

It's time for everyone's favorite—the Instagram edition of "What did the Lindhs do this month?"

Full disclosure: I'm fudging with the post date on these so they fall into the April category on the sidebar. This move has my Type A is in full force. Must organize. Everything.

[owning it]

[gaining on him]

[boning up on her fairy tales]

[leading the way at MoBot]

[bike ride prep is always twice as long as the ride itself]

[discovered my bottle of Barcelona bubbly]

[the zoo carousel three]

[more MoBot action, this time with Annie]

[poor man's latte]

[working Aunt Sherri's infamous white glasses]

[last official Team Botanical photo on Botanical]

[the movers meant business]

[at the doctor for dueling double ear infections]

More (rural) fun to come in May!


  1. I am getting all teary now with the last photo! And the fact that Annie's diaper hanging out is now documented on your blog. *SOB*

  2. HA HA HA The glasses still live!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is funny. I trust they are in a safe place with the move and all?
    Man, to think I almost missed these pictures..


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