Monday, April 15, 2013

Alexandra expressions

In an attempt to give the 50mm lens another go, I subjected Alexandra to a five-minute photo shoot. After editing the photos, I posted the one above on my sister's Facebook page and warned her that I would be doing a post based solely on her daughter's expressions. Girlfriend can bring the pout like no one.

Alexandra appears to have a flair for the dramatic, which I l-o-v-e because Sherri so does not have a flair for the dramatic. (Her dad does, but would never admit it.) Nevertheless, every time Alexandra does something funny or trying or dramatic, my mom, normally not one I would consider the vindictive sort, just chuckles and mumbles something about "deserving what she gets."

But enough about parental retribution. On to the photos!


[really pouty]


[over it]

Does she do "I will cut you" eyes, or what? The kid is not playing. And that was why "over it" is the last photo in the series. I wasn't going to risk it.

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