Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April favorites

It's time for everyone's favorite—the Instagram edition of "What did the Lindhs do this month?"

Full disclosure: I'm fudging with the post date on these so they fall into the April category on the sidebar. This move has my Type A is in full force. Must organize. Everything.

[owning it]

[gaining on him]

[boning up on her fairy tales]

[leading the way at MoBot]

[bike ride prep is always twice as long as the ride itself]

[discovered my bottle of Barcelona bubbly]

[the zoo carousel three]

[more MoBot action, this time with Annie]

[poor man's latte]

[working Aunt Sherri's infamous white glasses]

[last official Team Botanical photo on Botanical]

[the movers meant business]

[at the doctor for dueling double ear infections]

More (rural) fun to come in May!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It happens

It would appear that Mary Clare is not the only Lindh child with a predilection for taking it all off—with feeling. Recently we've entered Charlie's room in the morning only to find him in various states of undress. We can usually avert disaster by tracking his progress on the video monitor, but a few times the little bugger did some record-breaking disrobing and celebrated his achievement by tinkling in his crib. That's what we get for pushing it.

Charlie's recent bout with double ear infections sidelined the stripteasing for a bit, but clearly the second round of antibiotics are working because ladies and gentlemen, the bare bottomed baby is back! The kids slept over at Chip's parents' house on Sunday evening, and imagine the surprise of George II surprise when he found a naked, but proud and perturbed, George IV squawking at him from the pack and play.

This morning I heard Charlie making some noises in his room, so I sent Mary Clare in to "wake him up." She loves being the first person to go into his room each morning. I was mid flat iron swipe when Mary Clare marched in and said, "Mooooooom. Charlie went poop." And she had the diaper to prove it.

"CHIP!" I screamed, as I rushed into the room, "Charlie is naked and he went poop!"

I feared the worst, having heard tales of babies using their business as their art medium, but thankfully there was just the tiniest smidge on the crib sheet. I grabbed some wipes and cleaned Charlie, and the second I yanked him out of the crib, Chip swooped in, removed the sheet, pre-treated it and threw it in the wash, and just like that, we were good as new. Well, Charlie was good and pissed and Mary Clare was bewildered, but really, it could have been so much worse. So, so much worse.

Don't believe me? Google "kid painting with poop." You'll see. You won't thank me, but you will see.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Alexandra expressions

In an attempt to give the 50mm lens another go, I subjected Alexandra to a five-minute photo shoot. After editing the photos, I posted the one above on my sister's Facebook page and warned her that I would be doing a post based solely on her daughter's expressions. Girlfriend can bring the pout like no one.

Alexandra appears to have a flair for the dramatic, which I l-o-v-e because Sherri so does not have a flair for the dramatic. (Her dad does, but would never admit it.) Nevertheless, every time Alexandra does something funny or trying or dramatic, my mom, normally not one I would consider the vindictive sort, just chuckles and mumbles something about "deserving what she gets."

But enough about parental retribution. On to the photos!


[really pouty]


[over it]

Does she do "I will cut you" eyes, or what? The kid is not playing. And that was why "over it" is the last photo in the series. I wasn't going to risk it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crabby cabbie

What we have here is one set of photos with two different stories. 

I was trying to work with the 50mm lens that I abandoned almost immediately after taking it out of the box. Charlie was trying to work with a pedal car on grass and a camera on his face.

Neither of us were really happy with the results.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Cheese, with feeling

This photo makes me laugh.

This photo also makes me cringe. It was taken right before I got the crazy idea that, in an attempt to keep the kids' interest, I would take a picture of them standing on the bench. They thought it was so cool. Standing on furniture! Hooray! Three cheers for Aunt Debbie! But then the bench tipped over and they all landed on their bums. And now Charlie won't sit on the bench. Even on my lap. In fact, at one point the following day he pointed at it and started crying. So, there's that.

But, hey, at least we have this picture. And yes, I know that each kid, save for Mary Clare and her super cheese smile, is looking in a different direction, but they're together. And not crying. Yet. So let's just focus on that.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

For Brian

Happy birthday to Brian, my long-suffering brother-in-law.

This past weekend Brian let me know in no uncertain terms that (1) he did not appreciate being referred to as "that dude they call dad" and (2) he thinks there needs to be a lot more Brian on the blog.

So when Brian jumped in front of the camera while I was doing test shots, I don't think he believed me when I told him this photo was going on the blog.

Well, hey, buddy, look who's laughing now? And hey, happy birthday to you while we're at it. This photo, and the fact that it will show up any time someone Googles "Brian Jones" or "Brian Michael Jones" is the gift that keeps on giving. For me, at least.

Storm warnings

Apparently spring weather warnings are a hot topic among the preschool set. Last night at dinner, Mary Clare informed us that it was going to storm—weally bad— and we needed to be careful.

She went on a bit about storms, thunder and lightening, and then changed the subject.

A bit later she announced, "Today there was a tomato at school." Since we had been talking about what she had for lunch (the girl can never remember), we didn't think too much of it. Until she got really insistent about the tomato. And how when there is a tomato at school you have to go in the closet.

"Ooooh," we said in unison. "A tornado."

"Yes," she said, clearly relieved that her parents were aware of this phenomenon that requires extra precaution. "A tormato."

Monday, April 8, 2013


Brennan and Mary Clare usually get along great, but well, we've had our concerns about Alexandra and Charlie. Both being the second child and seemingly more stubborn than their older siblings, they seemed to butt heads an awful lot. Neither wanted to put up with the other one's nonsense, thankyouverymuch. And don't even think about cozying up to Papa while the other one is within sight, because that business is not going to fly.

We were all together this weekend, and the two little ones got along pretty well. So well, in fact, that there wasn't even any slapping on the sly when I asked them to sit down together for a picture. They even hugged each other. Repeatedly.

[this time I'll hug you]


Sure, Charlie is way more into it than Alexandra, but come on. All that round-faced chubbiness in one place is too much, even for me.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter, as promised

Hey, ho! We have Easter pictures! And it only took a week. I am wiping out records left and right around here. Below are a few favorites that I have yet to share. Nothing dramatic by any means, just some cute ones of the kids with their baskets, hunting eggs and enjoying the beautiful weather we had on Easter.

[Elmo! Flip flops!]

[smelling her carrot]

[leave no eggs behind]


[taking a break for a quick cruise in the coupe]

[and taking his eggs along for the ride]

[eyeing up his take]

[post-hunt scooter standing]

[waiting for Charlie to get ready to race]


These are just the favorites. There are more—so many more—here.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Catherine

My Grandma Klostermann had some signature facial expressions. She also had some signature phrases and some strong opinions, but we won't get into those right now.

No, for now, let's talk about her expressions. Specifically the one that my mom, sister and I refer to as "The Catherine." Which just happens to be what Mary Clare is flawlessly executing in this photo.

The tilt of the head, the slightly raised eyebrows, the pursed lips and the slight nod that says, "I may look surprised, but make no mistake about it, I'm not surprised. And I'm pretty sure that what you're saying is wrong. But instead of coming out and telling you that you're wrong, I'm just going to make this face and nod my head like I'm agreeing with you. But we both know that I'm not. Because hello, look at my face. This is not the face of someone who thinks you are even the slightest bit right."

Yes. One expression said all that. And Mary Clare has it down pat. And dammit if it doesn't make me love her even more. Even if I am usually the one on the receiving end.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mommy muscles

Mary Clare is really good about getting herself dressed in the morning. Even though it sometimes takes some prodding, it is a skill I greatly appreciate. And while it will no doubt cause us great worry if it continues into her teens, I dare say that the girl has a talent for disrobing with flair. 

She wears fleece footed pajamas most of the winter, and those are easy enough for her to remove. It is the two piece sets that cause some problems, particularly if the tops are a little snug. This morning she was wearing one of the two piece sets, and as this particular turquoise, fuchsia and purple Dora number is rather fitted, I offered to help her get the top over her head. 

With my help, she shimmied out both arms, and as I stretched the neck to lift it over her head, she proclaimed, "Mommy, you are really strong!"

"I know!" I said, with an unreasonable amount of pride in my voice. And then, so as not to seem too arrogant, I told her that one day she will be just as strong as me, maybe even stronger. 

That's right, baby. Beef up those spaghetti arms of yours and one day you, too, will remove toddler pajama tops, wine corks and spaghetti jar lids with the best of them. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Show me bored

What I was going for with this photo and what I got were obviously two entirely different things. It's bad when even the elder of the group won't cooperate. And Buddy can be bought with t-r-e-a-t-s. As can the other two, now that I think about it. Maybe that's where we went wrong.

Well, whatever. Why would I want a picture of our three loves all lined up in a row, looking at the camera when I can have this? Because this, my friends, this is reality. Sad, but true. Well, sad for them, anyway. And maybe for their dad who was working so darned hard to get everyone to look at the camera.

Sorry, Chip. Can't win them all. Clearly.

But it is pretty funny. Funny until someone sees this picture and suggests we put all three kids on antidepressants.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter pretties

Don't you just love them?

The outfits, I mean? 

We've already established that the kids are beyond loveable, so I composed this post as a vehicle for lavishing praise upon Nana Thole and her mad sewing skills. The woman just keeps getting better and better. Which means my requests keep getting more and more outlandish and plentiful. Sorry, mom. But just look at those cute faces! They cannot be denied custom-made frocks.

 [waiting for Charlie to get settled]

[the sun is just too much]

  [as is Mary Clare's flair for the dramatic]

 [but this is cute]

[and this is even cuter]

More Easter photos to follow. Cross my heart. It was so nice out on Sunday and the kids were so hilarious that I took a boatload of photos. Now, we all know that taking photos is one thing and editing them is quite another, but I'll try. I'll really, really try.