Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On old friends

This past weekend we had dinner with some good, old high school friends and their husbands. Chelsey and Clint were in from Iowa, which was the impetus for the get together. Kara and Chris, Jenny and Kris and Chip and I all live in St. Louis, but we are not the best about getting together all the time. I think perhaps we take for granted that we're all here together, so we'll see each other at X, Y and Z. And then time passes, and you suddenly realize you haven't seen the friend that lives mere miles from  you in over six months.

Luckily—and that is the whole point of this post—the lapses in face-to-face time are never a problem. There are never any regrets or grudges about the fact that I am poor at providing updates, that sick kids led to the cancellation of a play date that didn't get rescheduled or any sort of other thing that can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. We all understand that this is the way life goes, and we appreciate the time that we do get to spend together. When we are together, the conversation is easy and we can truly relax, catch up and enjoy the company.

These girls are perhaps some of my oldest friends, and as time passes, I cherish the connections and history we have more and more. I equally love the friends I made during college, at work and in the neighborhood, but there is something to be said for old friends. It is simply a bonus that our husbands all get along swimmingly.

So, thanks, girls. It was a really nice night. Even if Chris did drag us to a bar packed with super drunk co-eds. Which I think we all now know was likely not a mistake on his part. Or one that was not appreciated by the rest of the husbands. (I'm looking at you, Chip "a drunk girl is hanging on the arm of my sport coat" Lindh.)

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