Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Never trust the person in charge

These days our kids are very into using toilet paper cardboard cores as telescopes and megaphones. Or, as our family friends the Murphys called them, doot-de-doos. (They are a very musical family.)

The other morning, as Mary Clare marched around the house, barking orders into her cardboard megaphone, I realized that I should take heed, as apparently trouble was heading our way.

"Everyone! Listen! A big storm is coming! A big, big storm. You have to listen to me! A big storm is coming. It will be okay. You have to not trust me. Do you understand? It will be okay, but you have to not trust me!"

Of course I didn't correct her. She was just so certain. But I will keep an eye on her. Because today's cardboard core could be tomorrow's conch shell, and I'm not having any Lord of the Flies business go down on my watch. 


  1. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, DO NOT TRUST ME!!!! This is the best thing ever. Rick thinks I am crazy I am laughing so hard. Amazing.

  2. Has she been watching the Weather Channel with Brennan & Steve?


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