Monday, March 18, 2013

In the swim

Mary Clare takes weekly swimming lessons at Little Fishes. Several friends recommended the place to us, and I can't say enough good things about the facility and the coaches. We started lessons early last summer, and while Mary Clare isn't showing any signs of being a swimming prodigy, she's doing pretty darn well in my book. Most importantly, she loves being in the water and is completely comfortable with what the coaches ask her to do. Since I am in no way a confident or skilled swimmer, this couldn't make me any happier. Or relieved.

I brought my big camera to lessons last week and was able to get a few shots. The fluorescent lighting is bunk, but you get the idea. And the jump shot is fuzzier than all get out, but I had to include it because this is Mary Clare's version of a pencil jump. Bless her, she starts off with the best of intentions, but the second her feet leave the concrete, the girl's limbs start flying in every direction.

 [working her way across the pool, with coach-requested stops for breathing]

 [getting her time ... or a gentle reminder to breathe]

 [kicking back while the rest of the class makes its way across the pool]
[the aforementioned "pencil" jump]

[tossing a toy so she can go retrieve it] 

Aren't the goggles a hoot? So professional, these kids. I love how they all pop them up on their heads immediately after they finish jumping or swimming.


  1. That first picture is classic MC! Well done.

  2. Great pics! The new facility looks awesome. Can't tell you how much we miss Little Fishes. The Y is great, but LF spoiled us.

  3. Look at that float! Nice work, MC! I can't wait until Annie can do all of this! Until then, we will just pray that pool water is well treated because really all she does is drink it.


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