Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm working on it, promise

Pictures are the bane of my existence these days. We went to Disney with the kids and my parents in early February (such a great trip), but I haven't posted about it because I still haven't edited a gosh darned photo. And you have to have photos with a vacation post.

And when I think about doing the Disney photos, I immediately feel guilty because I haven't even touched the photos from Christmas or Mary Clare's fourth birthday party.

Ack! This is how kids grow up without baby books, people. You start out with the best of intentions, but then the days, weeks and months go by and you realize you're six months behind on updates and oh, my, where to begin.

Anyway, this post is nothing but a big stinky pile of excuses, but I do promise that I am working on it.


  1. THERE ARE TOO MANY PHOTOS! It is overwhelming. I just end up disappointing everyone and posting pics from my phone. It's too much otherwise. I feel your pain.

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