Friday, March 15, 2013

Her Chippie

Alexandra is having a bit of a moment with her Uncle Chip. She loves him. Loves him. Or at least his name. Which happens to be the same as her favorite snack. But I'm sure that's merely a coincidence. 

Anytime Sherri mentions our family to the kids, Chip is the first person Alexandra mentions. And his name is always delivered in a very perky, emphatic manner:  Chippie! The rest of us apparently don't warrant such a spirited delivery.

Last week when Brennan was getting a haircut, Sherri pointed out the Mizzou pennant on the wall and told B that the Tigers are Uncle Chip and Aunt Debbie's favorite team because that's where they went to school. A second later, Alexandra piped in with, "Chippie likes the Tigers!"

So you can imagine Alexandra's joy this morning when she saw the outfit Sherri had set out for her to wear on team spirit day. "Tigers!" she said. "Chippie likes the Tigers! Chippie likes the Tigers!"  

Oh, Alex. You know the way to your uncle's heart.

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