Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter weather worries

We are expecting a lot of snow in St. Louis today. And by a lot, I mean a lot by St. Louis standards—a few inches with some ice to boot. I am equal parts excited and terrified by this prospect.

I love snow. Love to look at it, love to deal with it, love to play in it. (Or at least watch Chip and the kids play in it.) What terrifies me is the possibility of telling  Mary Clare that because of said snow, she cannot road trip it to Kansas City to see her beloved Brennan this weekend. Kansas City is getting dumped with snow right now, including the awesome-sounding thunder snow. (Which totally makes me want to say it AC/DC "Thunderstruck" style every time. Go on. Try it. Thun-DERRR! snow. Fun, yes?)

So we'll see what the day brings snow-wise. And tantrum wise. Because either way, those are inevitable these days. (I'm looking at you, Charlie.)

Godspeed to all of you unexpectedly at home with kids today. Double godspeed to those who still have to do their office jobs with the kids at home.

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  1. Watch, everyone will flip out and we'll just get a few flakes.


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