Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine hugs

Nothing like trotting out a JPG of a printed card after a weeks-long absence from the old blog. Ah, but that's life right now. Squeaking by but still hanging in there and having a good time.  

But, hey, updates can wait. It's Valentine's day and the kids are pumped! Charlie handed out his Valentines to his teachers this morning (but no hugs), and Mary Clare, clad in her  Valentine's day shirt, denim skirt and heart-printed tights was excited enough for all three of us. She bounced up to every single teacher, thrust a card in their faces and then danced around while they opened it. When we got to Mr. Tim's class (his room connects to Mary Clare's classroom), Mary Clare did what I would most closely associate with an uncoordinated, yet extremely exuberant, version of the running man. Mary Clare hearts Mr. Tim. After seeing this display, Mary Clare's teacher Miss Edna and I decided that while Mary Clare would no doubt love to be in Mr. Tim's class, it is for the best as she would never be disciplined. And Mr. Tim agreed. The love is mutual, it seems. Only Mr. Tim plays it way more cool than Mary Clare. Thankfully. 

As far as TB celebrations go, we are keeping it low key, as we will most likely have to deal with the fallout of party and sugar highs. I have no doubt that my carefully planned dinner menu will be served up with a side of tears and a meltdown or two. Nothing that a bottle of wine (or two) can't handle. 

Have a great Valentine's day! 


  1. I gave Annie a doughnut and shipped her off to Jen's, where I am sure the sugar-fest will continue. As she and I are in a serious power struggle these days, I expect tonight will be awesome. Yay, Valentine's Day!

    Side note: look at how young MC looks in that pic of "The Kids". How is this happening?

    Side side note: confession-there are times I try to post, but i can't figure out your captcha images so I just give up. sorry about that.

  2. Kaly, thank you for pointing out that in addition to not posting in awhile, I also have extremely outdated photos of my kids on the blog. You are now seated in the spot of shame Rick occupied yesterday.


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