Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Give the people what they want

And by people, I mean my sister and Kaly.

And by what they want, I am referring to updated pictures on the side bar and the ability to leave a comment without having to enter the gibberish that stops comments from getting spammed. (Which has happened three times so far. It is hell being read by 10 people. Pure hell.)

Anyway, you're welcome ladies. Anything to keep you happy.

The other eight of you, don't get any ideas and start making demands. These were easy fixes. Writing daily posts about my niece and nephew are not (I'm looking at you, Steve Jones).


  1. And you can respond directly to comments now, fancy! I meant to comment the other day on the "I love take out" bib but got distracted...hilarious and classy. You were so being judged by the other moms:) I too hold fries (and crescent rolls) as the mother of all bribes.

    1. I know, right? It's only taken me five years.

      I failed to mention that the other bibs in that set are "I (heart) sushi" and "I (heart) tacos." A random gift from a coworker before Mary Clare was born, and one that entertains me to no end.

  2. Hi - commenting just because I can!

  3. You said one time that your mother never comments so here it is! When do we get the Disney pictures??

  4. Thank You "anonymous"! I have been checking in daily(because I am one of the 10 since 2008 mind you)for a recap of the grand vacation and more importantly hoping to view some of the custom made ensembles. And with each non-disney post,I say "tomorrow, tomorrow is the day". tap tap tap tap tap

    Truly TB blog reader #6 Jeana M. Thole

  5. Look at all these comments flowing in! Ask and ye shall receive!

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  6. Just to clarify, the above comment was not a reflection on the content of your blog. I am apparently very important and get spammed from time to time and the comments are always very complimentary before directing me to some bogus website.


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