Friday, February 15, 2013

Fry daddy

Chip had to go out of town for work again this past week. Technically it was only one night away, but if we are judging by meals, bedtimes and mornings handled solo, it was technically two nights. Not that I'm keeping keeping score. (Seriously, I'm not, it's just that those are the hardest parts to handle on work days, so that's instantly where my mind goes when Chip says he has to go out of town.)

Anyway, it was a little more hectic since Tuesday and Wednesday ended up being in-office days for me, versus work-from-home days. And we had an activity on Tuesday evening. So here's how Tuesday went:

  • Work at home until noon
  • Get dressed for office
  • Go to office
  • Meeting prep, meeting, post-meeting work
  • Rush out at 4:30
  • Pick up kids at school, pleading the entire time for them to hurry the hell up because we have a make-up swimming lesson tonight
  • Turn around and head back west for said swimming lesson, only to be thwarted by the I-40 west construction (my secret little Vandeventer entrance ramp is closed ... curses!)
  • Take Manchester all the way from Vandeventer to Hanley (non-St. Louis readers, trust me when I say that while scenic, you never make good time on Manchester)
  • Realize the gas tank is on empty
  • Push on
  • Hit Steak 'n Shake for dinner
  • Accidentally order three kids meals (yes, it really was an accident ... an accident I was only too happy to eat)
  • Watch gas tank go from "20 miles to empty" to "--- miles to empty" while we wait for our food
  • Pray to the gas tank gods to get me by one more time
  • Rush into Little Fishes with three drive-through bags clutched in my hand, avoid what could be judging eyes
  • Find that kid table and chairs are occupied by a wholesome book seller
  • Set up shop on one of the park-style benches while trying not to pass out from the heat (my word, the heat in that place)
  • Get the kids settled with their grilled cheese sandwiches, applesauce and apple juice boxes, keeping the French fries hidden as these are my ace in the hole should bribes be required
  • Sit down and feel pleased that the kids are taking this out-of-routine evening in stride
  • Look around and spy at least four parents or children eating apples or yogurt, and drinking that damn Horizon organic milk (all sensibly brought from home, natch)
  • Instantly feel judged for being the mom feeding her kids drive-through food
  • Look down in shame, only to notice that Charlie is wearing a bib that says, I ♥ Take Out, complete with a picture of a Chinese food box
It was at that point I said to hell with it, and handed both kids a fistful of fries. And wished that the healthy food vending machine served wine. It is made from grapes, after all.


  1. Those other people were probably just finishing their apples & organic milk from the Panera mac and cheese dinner they ate on the way to swim lessons.

    The traveling spouse really gives you an apprecation for single parents.

    Also, I am glad to see you still run the gas tank down to empty. It delights me, since it it so contrary to your Type A personaility.


    1. I know. It's so not me. But seriously hate getting gas. I do, however, always keep a few dollars in the car after having you push cash on me one too many times.

  2. Oh, Debbie. Don't let those organic city people get to you. You need to go west. People here don't even blink an eye if you're pushing fountain Cokes, pop rocks and the like at your kids. Seriously.


    1. Chip said that this might be his favorite comment of all times. He also said that he has never heard a better case for moving west.


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