Thursday, December 13, 2012

Four eyes

My eyes are terrible. So terrible that I regard it as a personal triumph if my prescription doesn't change from one year to the next. Sadly, that rarely happens.

I wear contacts during the day, but the first thing I do most evenings is take out my contacts and put on glasses. Because of my ever-changing prescription and the fact that our insurance covers one set of contacts or one pair of glasses each year, I usually let my glasses slide and only update them every three years or so. Or when the dog chews on them.

I had read about Warby Parker, an online eyewear company, on a few blogs, but didn't give it too much thought, thinking it was just the latest hipster trend. And then I came across profiles in Vanity Fair and Time, and I was intrigued to hear two things (1) glasses are only $99* a pair and (2) for every pair they sell, they give a pair to someone in need. So, you know. Once mainstream media was on board and I saw that I could (sorta) do good for a mere $99, I figured they were legit.

Anyway, after two rounds of try ons (10 total frames) and a very cool online pupil measuring process that automatically launched the camera in our Mac, I received the finished pair this week. Mary Clare was intrigued. She wanted to know why I had new glasses, and why I couldn't wear them for her at the same time I was wearing my contacts.

Last night before bath time she came trotting into the bedroom wearing my glasses and nothing else. How she made it from the hallway bathroom to our room is beyond me, as she repeatedly told me, "Mom, I can't see anything in your new glasses. I can't see you! I can't even see your phone!" 

[no, really, I can't see you at all]

Let's hope she inherited her father's eyes and is forever blinded by my glasses.

*My pair actually came to $125 because they gently suggested that with my prescription, it might be worth it to have the lenses ground down.

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