Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feast days with presents are the best

So, last week was our beloved St. Nick's day. We are still struggling to differentiate between Santa Claus and St. Nick ("But mommy, they call Santa Claus 'jolly old St. Nicholas,' so St. Nick is Santa Claus"), but like I said last year, as long as there are presents, she'll happily celebrate anyone's feast day. We'll tackle the saint stuff next year.

Mary Clare vaguely remembered setting the shoes out last year, so back to the front door they went. And this year Chip, Buddy and I all got in on the action. Mary Clare selected all of our shoes, but was nice enough to let Charlie pick out his own pair. Which he picked up and replaced. Repeatedly. Despite the fact that his sister told him not to do it. Repeatedly.

[perfectly lined up]

[perfectly lined up, now with more little brother]

[the remodeling work begins]

[assuring Buddy that St. Nick won't forget him]

All of the shoe relocating and swapping was forgotten the next morning when Mary Clare saw that St. Nick did, in fact, pay us a visit. And when she told me she heard his reindeer on the roof, I didn't bother to correct her. It was too darned cute.

[scoping out the stash]

[jockeying for position]

[books are always a crowd pleaser]

[the "what was I St. Nick thinking?" slap bracelets]

[looking for more things to hoard]

[posing, pondering]

In other Christmas news, we have two Advent calendars going this year, and let's just say they are a far cry from the little window-style ones I had as a child. The one we bought last year is comprised of small boxes that we fill with fruit snacks, stickers, magnets, M&Ms and the like, and the second is a new book every. single. day. from none other than Nana and Papa Thole. While Mary Clare takes liberties with the number of books we open each day ("But Charlie wanted to open one, too!"), and Charlie thinks the other Advent calendar should provide him with treats every hour, on the hour, it certainly has made things festive around here.


  1. My man Charlie looks downright perplexed in that last shot.

  2. Andy, what you see there is Charlie asking, "More? More?" Which is what he does any time he wants something. So far, it seems to be working for him.


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