Saturday, December 8, 2012

And it's the holidays

Seriously, where have the past 10 days gone?

First it was Thanksgiving, then we had Brennan's birthday party, then I jetted off to NYC (more on that later) and now we are full bore into the Christmas season. And I've been spending more time at the office of late, so there's that.

I love, love, love Christmas, so I shouldn't complain one bit, but I would be lying if I didn't say I go through these bouts—hourly bouts, typically— of feeling completely overwhelmed. And then I snap, wave an extensive to do list in Chip's face and aggressively rub my forehead (thanks for that trait, Dad)

After six years of this, Chip knows the routine, so he has me look at the calendar, points out it's only December 8, reminds me of his extensive holiday vacation time and tells me it will all be fine. Which it always is. 

And he's completely right, that I do freak out for no reason. And that everything always comes together. It's just hard sometimes to keep it all straight in your head, you know? The festivities, the gift lists, the Santa visits, the holiday Christmas light displays that cannot be missed. It's especially wonderful now because Mary Clare truly gets it, but that ups the ante because I want her to see everything, to get so excited, to love Christmas as much as we do. 

Oh, and I know I am ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. But, like Chip, you'll just have to indulge my neuroses. And my crappy writing. Because seriously, this post is terrible. And I don't even know how to save it, so I'm just hitting publish and calling it a day. 

I promise to make it up with St. Nick pictures. And maybe, just maybe, a shred of coherent writing.

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