Tuesday, November 27, 2012

They're excited on the inside

As you well know, Nana Thole works hard keeping her grandchildren in handmade Halloween costumes, matching outfits and more than their fair share of monogrammed goods. Some might even think we keep her chained to her sewing machine.

While her efforts do not go unnoticed, and at times even seem to be appreciated by the actual people wearing the clothes (Mary Clare's reaction to her Tinkerbell costume was actually quite magical), those fools just cannot get it together when it is time to take a picture of them in said garments.

This—this—is the best picture I could get of Mary Clare, Charlie and Alexandra wearing their gingerbread cookie shirts. Mary Clare's eyes are glazed over, Charlie is trying to escape and Alexandra is working the poker face her mother gave her for all she's worth.

Come on, kids. Your Nana Thole appliqued you three—count 'em, three—perfectly adorable Christmas shirts this year, so you better believe we're going to be giving this a go again. And you better be ready. Because all your Nana wants (other than your love, health and well being, of course) is a picture of you all perfectly posed in the clothes she made you.

I know you can do it. You have to do it. The poor woman can't take much more.

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  1. Very cute! But who is the kid behind Mary Clare? And Brennan? Guessing a 5 year old boy wants no part of a gingerbread man shirt.



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