Thursday, November 22, 2012

So thankful I could just squeeze you to death

Oh me, oh my. I am a thankful one. Like the annual anniversary letter, this is a nice time to sit back and take stock of all the blessings bestowed upon our family. Grandparents (the regular and the great variety!), two cute and funny kids, a skittish but lovable Lab, oodles of family, kind neighbors, caring teachers and a cozy home. Oh, and that husband of mine. He's pretty great. 

When you look at all the goodness listed out like that, it makes it kind of hard to complain about sinus infections, the kids' non-stop runny noses or the fact that our washing machine is systematically eating our clothes. We are lucky, indeed. And thankful for everything from our health to the random items Mary Clare gives thanks for each night at dinner (Charlie's girl eyes! Painted fingernails! Shredded cheese!). While Chip and I have to sometimes try not to snicker or roll our eyes as she yammers away, it is fun to hear what warrants a shout out from Mary Clare. It makes you appreciate the small things, gives you some perspective and makes you realize that yes, we are in fact fortunate to have shredded cheese. To say nothing of the baby boy with the beautiful girl eyes.

We are in for a full day of eating, driving and celebrating with our nearest and dearest. I hope you have an equally wonderful Thanksgiving. Complete with shredded cheese.

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  1. "Charlie's girl eyes" made me laugh out loud. That is hilarious. He does have very lovely eyes.


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