Friday, November 2, 2012

November blast off

This morning I took Mary Clare, Charlie and Charlie's luscious red lips (seriously, look at those plump babies!) to Rocket Park in Webster Groves. It was a new park for us, and neeeew parks, as Mary Clare likes to say, are always cause for excitement.

You can't tell from the photos that we were in a space-themed park, so you'll have to trust me when I say that it was pretty cool. There is a monstrous three-story space ship play set, a small rocket ship and a little rover car, all just as cute as can be. But did the kids want anything to do with the deluxe play set resting on a smooth, soft poured play surface? Of course not. They wanted the old metal toys that were placed in a sea of small rocks. You know, the same ones we had as kids.

[the designated bouncer]

[the bouncee]

[the bouncee, after being abruptly abandoned by the bouncer]

But everyone was happy, and surprisingly few pebbles ended up in the car, so who am I to complain if the kids want to sit and bounce for an hour? But seriously, they don't know what they were missing. That play set was cool. I'll We'll be back.


  1. Just one more step towards day which you convince yourself that Webster/Kirkwood is heaven on Earth and everyone should live there. I weep for that day.

  2. Andy, of course we dream of owning beachfront property in Webster/Kirkwood someday. We're Catholic, white and middle class. And I put obscenely large bows on my daughter's head. All the signs are there.

  3. I loved that hat on B. Charlie looks so cute in it!


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