Friday, November 16, 2012

Let's pretend

Let's pretend the kiddos get along like this all the time, shall we? That they walk through life on a well manicured lawn dotted by fall leaves obsessively tended to by their Papa Thole.

Because lately there have been some real doozies. (With the kids, not my dad's lawn. The green velvet carpet is looking good, summer drought conditions be damned.)

Charlie wants everything Mary Clare has, and no alternative toy, book, snack, drink, step stool or headband will do—it has to be the one currently in her possession. For awhile we would nicely ask Mary Clare to share with Charlie, and she would patiently oblige, until we decided that probably wasn't good for either kid. So then we started removing Charlie from the situation and offering him completely and better alternatives. And that worked. Sometimes. Then last night, Mary Clare said screw it, and just started screaming and crying along with him. I mean, hey, if screaming gets you better swag, why not? She's crafty, that one.

[Look, four whole leaves!]

 [Nana had to rake all over the yard just to make this small pile for the kids. Not even joking.]
[Charlie attempts to make his escape.]

[Mary Clare promptly whips him back into line.]

So let's just look at these and see the love. The love that sometimes looks like suffocation or strangulation, but is love just the same. I hope.


  1. Great shots! I can relate to this kind of love. Way too much.

  2. Lil' MC runs a tight ship. Wonder where she got that from...


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